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C. M. Classics
P O Box 407
Odell, Oregon 97044
United States
Phone: 541-352 7942
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                      C. M. Consulting      My Engineering Company
                      National Rifle Association      The Most Important Organization in America JOIN NOW!
                      Crower Cams    Quality Racing Engine Parts
                      Edelbrock Performance    Racing and Street Parts
                      National Championship Air Racing     550 mph WW2 airplanes Racing in Reno, Nevada
                      C V Vacuum Platers    High Quality Plastic Chrome Plating
                      Portland Roadster Show   A Very Cool Car Show in Portland Oregon
                      Multnomah Hot Rod Club, Portland, OR     Premier car club in Portland Oregon

                      Woodburn Dragstrip    The Dragstrip where I race near Woodburn, Oregon

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