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by Cliff Mansfield

1965 Chevelle Malibu SS

  This car is powered by a 1967 Corvette 427 with a Tri-Power carb system. We used Edelbrock aluminum heads, Hooker 2.25 x 4" headers,  a Crower solid roller cam with 290 degrees duration at .050. Those of you who know engines know that this is one wild cam. This is a 9.8:1 motor that makes a mountain of horsepower. We built a Super Case M-22 and used a triangulated Ford 9" in the rear with 4:11 gears and a Detroit Locker.

1)   '65 Malibu SS --$1,200 2) The nasty interior.
3)  Media blasted,
with floor pans removed.
4) Media blasted interior.
5) Building the 427. 6)   Highly modified 427 with Tri-Power.

7) Fully restored frame. 8) Test-fitting the
sheet metal.
9) Painted Black base coat, clear coat. 10) Looking good in the sun.

11) Assembling the car. 12) Notice how straight the body is.

13)  The 427 looks right at home.

14)  Fully assembled

15)  Ready to head out to the first car show

16)  Northwest Car Collectors Show Display. This was a "Display Only" show so we were not judged.


 This car sold in November of 2006.


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