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"War Bird"

1957 Ford Thunderbird


PART THROTTLE, foot braked launch!!

Photo courtesy of NW Drag Racing.

  This is the "War Bird". It is a fiberglass replica of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. It has a rectangular tube chassis, a Ford 9" with 4.56 gears and a spool. It is powered by a race built 572" big block Ford making around 850 horsepower. We are using a C-6 transmission built by the great guys at Hughes Performance in Phoenix Arizona. I am thinking this car will run in the mid to low 9s.

UPDATE:  She's a wheelstander! I can barely drive it. Best I can do, with PART-THROTTLE launches is 9.90 @ 140 mph. Once I get the suspension adjusted I think it will go MUCH faster.


War Bird Crappin' Chevys


850 hp Ford 572" BBF


Here's my old ass assembling the bottom end of the 572.


4.5 inch pistons look huge in this view.


Cometic Head Gaskets and ARP Studs to Hold the Heads On.



Heavily Massaged 73 cc Combustion Chambers.



Highly Ported Intake Flows Almost 400 CFM.



Ported Exhaust Flows 240 CFM.



Crane 1.73 Rockers Lift the Intake .816 and the Exhaust .770



My old ass running the valves. Note the Comp Cams Stud Girdle.



Twin 4160 Holley 750 cfm Carburetors.



We used a Mezziere Water Pump and MSD Crank Trigger.



572" Ford almost done.



Ready to go into the War Bird.



January 10, 2012:  We are getting close to sending the War Bird down the track.


850 hp 572" BBF sitting in its new home.



Twin 750 Holleys looking good out the hood.



Attitude: It's EVERYTHING!



Steve is weighing the War Bird. 2,600 pounds.



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