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MOPAR Horsepower

by Cliff Mansfield

440 Race Motor for the Rodent Killer


440 MOPAR bottom end.

Pop-Up Venolia pistons make 12.5-1 compression.

MOPAR 6-Pak rods and main studs help keep this engine together.

Steve working on the top end.

580 hp 440 race motor.

Installed in 1967 Coronet.

Freshening up our race motor.

Note the Milodon oiling system.

Milodon oiling system and custom windage tray.

Replacing the valve springs.

Motor ready to install.

Getting ready to go racing.



  This 440 runs 11.25 in the 1/4 mile in our 67 Coronet. The car weighs 3,795 pounds. It does wheel stands on launch. We regularly turn this motor 7200 rpm. It pulls very strong and is extremely reliable.



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