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Current Project

as of February, 2011



1962 Ford F-100 Street Rod Pickup


We've got the body on the rotisserie during tear-down.

Original interior. The floorboards were only slightly rusted.

1999 Ford Crown Victoria front clip grafted to the 62 frame.

Modified rear frame to clear the Ford 9" rear end.

Fitting a Ford big block motor. Cab hasn't been extended yet.

Super Cab configuration never came on a 1962 Uni-Body.

Moving the 62 back to the fabrication shop after painting.

Black cherry paint with blue pearl ghost flames.

Bed liner finish will contrast nicely with polished aluminum fuel tank.


The body was actually in very good condition.

Sandblasted and primed, ready for body work.

Steve welds on the front clip.

Here I am grinding the welds to clean up for painting.

These bucket seats and console are out of a Ford Explorer.

Finished and waiting to be painted.

Right side, on rotisserie, waiting for final buffing and cleanup.

Ghost flame show up best in bright light.

And with the polished aluminum battery box.



  This Pickup will be equipped with a 1974 Ford 460" engine that has been bored and stroked to 521". We used an Eagle crank, Eagle H-beam rods, Probe forged pistons and a wild Comp-Cams solid roller bump stick. We installed Edelbrock " Victor Jr., Super Cobra Jet" heads, a "Blue Thunder" 2 X 4 manifold with two 660 cfm carburetors and MSD 6AL ignition. Experience tells me this newly built motor makes over 650 horsepower.  This hot street engine was designed to run on pump gas. We built up a Tremec 5-speed overdrive transmission with a heavy duty clutch. We will feed the power to a Ford 9" with 4:11 gears and a Detroit locker.  We used the front frame clip from a 1999 Crown Victoria Cop Car with very heavy suspension and sway bar. We lowered the rear end and built "kick-ups" in the frame to clear the axle. We shaved all accessories off the body and extended the cab 10". Inside the cab we added electric windows and doors, bucket seats, a cool stereo and a custom built center console. Paint color will be black cherry. We are leaning toward a white leather interior but have not decided yet. Rubber on the front will be 2.35 R 60 15 T/A Radials on Cragar Mags. The bed has been tubbed to fit 2.95 R 50 16 rear T/A Radials mounted on ten inch chrome reverse wheels. The theme of this truck is "Nasty".  This is a frame-off restoration utilizing far too many new parts to list. This will be a show winning truck like all hot rods we build.  Price:   $ Unknown at this time, but probably over $100,000.



 And to see great 521 Ford motor build-up photos, click the following link:  521 Ford Buildup




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